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( An insight into the Environmental Rights of Children)

Dear Friends,

Let me tell you , Climate Crisis is the Crisis of Every Child. Todays Children and youth are the key agents of change in tackling the climate and environmental crisis. Children have been fighting for their basic environment rights from decades.

What are the Basic Environmental Rights of the Children?

Every Child has the Right to clean air;

Right to a safe and stable climate;

Right to access to safe water and adequate sanitation;

Right to healthy and sustainably produced food;

Right to non-toxic environments

Right to healthy and Sustainable Environment to live,study,work,and play;

Right to healthy biodiversity and ecosystem.

In the current scenario of Global warming and the alarming stage of Climate Emergency, Children and youth are increasingly raising their voices because they understand that environmental emergencies are issues of intergenerational justice. The priorities of children and youth to addressing the climate and environmental crisis cannot be ignored.

Almost every child on earth is exposed to at least one form of climate and environmental hazard, shock or stress. The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are threats that will transform childhood and jeopardize a sustainable future for children and future generations globally.

It is therefore important for the children of today , youth and future generations to realise their rights to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

The motto of my Children for Change Campaign by Sunshine Fortnightly Environment Magazine is to advocate Climate Action and educate the children about their basic Environmental Rights.

Today's children are tomorrow's future. Only when we children raise our voice change definitely happens.

Through Sunshine Fortnightly Environment Magazine, we have been advocating a transformative change in the Children for Climate Action. The sooner we realise , that Age is just a number to spark the light of Environmental Revolution amongst the Youth , the sooner the better .


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