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Climate Change is Our Crisis!

Are you deeply worried about Climate Change? Remember you're not alone in this . The climate predictions has left a lots of people on edge, and kids are no exception. According to a recent survey , 60% of young adults between 16–25, said that they felt “very worried” or “extremely worried” about climate change.

While ,more than 2/3 of children between the ages of 7 and 12 are worried about climate change.

According to a survey between 2007 and 2010 only 42% of the world's population were aware of climate change and believed that it is caused by human activity. China ,The United States, India, Russia, and Japan), who together emit half the world's greenhouse gases, vary in both awareness and concern.

While 85% of the population of The United States, Russia, and Japan are aware of climate change , . Conversely, only two-thirds of people in China and one-third in India are aware. Japan expresses the greatest concern of the 5, which translates into support for environmental policies.

Thankfully 69% of global adults are now concerned about climate change. This shows majority of people are now aware and taking steps for Climate Action.

In 2022 , 64% of people in India agreed to climate change and 26% of people are still unaware of the very fact if Climate Change!

There a gap of Awareness amongst the people.While 57% of people in India believe climate change is by humans , 31% believe climate change is result of natural change in Environment.


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