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FESTIVAL WASTE MANAGEMENT On An average every Indian house generates an additional one kg of festival waste during the festive season. The flower garlands, bannana leaf stem, mango and beetle leaf used in the festival often reach trash cans , and at very few instances into a compost.

Post Festival the Indian market struggles at the disposal of vast quantities of waste, from banana stems to ash gourd to flower garlands. Heaps of flowers, bannana stems, mangoe leaf , are dumped on the roadside , unattended .. On an average, A Bengaluru generates around 4,500 tonnes of waste daily. The city sees an increase in waste generation of at least by 35% during the festive period. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO REDUCE FESTIVAL WASTE ! . strict law for use of only biodegradable disposables or re-usable cups and plates should be imposed. Providing separate bins for recycling. High Tax imposed on non recyclable , non eco friendly products and heavy discount on eco friendly products can be ideal way to encourage biodegradable product. Heavy fine on polluters

Providing standard, recycling and biodegradable bin bags for traders. Create sculptures using waste generated on site (e.g. plastic bottles) Being monsoon along with the festive season, the market are dumped with wet waste easily breeds mosquito and various other insects leading to a fast spread of epidemics... This must be handled well by the officials

As coustomers lets not encourage non biodegradable decor or products which end up in the trash , undecomposed in the soil Most important, carry your Shopping bag, do not encourage plastic.. Refuse plastic bags. Festivals are to spread Joy and Happiness. But with the commercialisation of festival today , the market is spreading non eco friendly products.. Non biodegradable and undecomposed ! Ancient traditions and reason behind these festivals are less known and observed today..

So friends, here is a very simple solution you can try out your festival waste . DIY RECYCLED PAPER These papers can be done at your home in simple easy steps. Unlike the #vegetablepaper this doesn't involve lengthy procedure. Anyone and Everyone can do it easily at home in just 10 min By #recycling be a part of the Solution and not Pollution #InvestInOurplanet #WhatWillYouDo #EarthDay #WorldEnvironmentDay #WorldEnvironmentDay2022 #ClimateChange #Sustainability #TakeAction #TheGreatGlobalCleanup #InvestInOurPlanet #EndPlasticPollution #OnlyOneEarth #onlyoneearth #festivalwastemanagement #watemanagement #climatechangeawareness #climateliteracy #climateaction #greeninnovation #ecofriendlyliving #sustainableindia #sustainableliving #sustainablefestival #wastemanagement #wastefree #zerowasteliving # #zerowastehome #zerowastekitchen #zerowastegoals #greenindiacleanindia


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