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How this young Indian Eco Warrior of Change is giving a Green Solution to the global wet Waste Management.

With the ongoing global pandemic, the public attention from Climate change climate adaptation, may have taken a back seat, but across the nation environmental activists, scientists, entrepreneurs and educators have stayed focused on the global warming and consider it a great threat to humanity. Meet one such Sustainability Influencer, Manya Harsha, a 10 year old Environment Activist from Bengaluru is a 6th grader at Vibgyor High BTM Bangalore. While the entire world got locked indoors , Manya was busy Recycling the daily Kitchen waste into handmade Vegetable paper! She kickstarted her experiments with " Every day kitchen waste to Each Paper a day" being her mantra.

Have you ever heard of Onion Papers? Papers made out of onion peels? Garlic peels? Potatoe peels? If not, today we tell you the story of a young Sustainable Recycler who is battling Waste management crisis through her Green Paper!

"On an average every household in India generates around 300 grams of Vegetable waste on a daily basis. If this waste is properly utilized, we can do wonders! We have all come across bio enzymes and compost . But this is something totally new! An idea to generate A PAPER everyday from your daily kitchen waste.. " says Manya .

Waste Management is one of the current crisis which every city, every country is facing. Especially in a country like India, with a huge population, Waste Management is an issue.

" Born and brought up in Bangalore, I see the beautiful Garden city slowly turned down by heap Garbage dumped on the roadside and how the quantity of waste is increasing every passing day has been a matter of huge concern. Especially during the festive season, the market is full of flowers, veggies, fruits, mango-bannana plants. But post festival, the market turns out to be a dump yard of leftovers ! This scenario always had made me to think for a permanent solution as to how , the flower and plant waste can be utilized in an Eco friendly manner, " explains Manya about the reason for her innovation.

As we all know that recycling a ton of paper we can save 20 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, three cubic yards of landfill space and 30 kilograms of air pollutants?

Recycled paper reduces energy and helps stop deforestation.

India, With around 1.3 billion population, generates an average of 1000 gms of kitchen waste per day, if everyone starts recycling vegetable peels into paper, each one can contribute to the lessening of Ecological crisis.

Paper and deforestation is a very common problem the world is facing. If one could generate paper at home , from our own kitchen waste, the paper shopping will definitely be cut down says Manya.

Coming down to the statistics, Manya says " 8 trees are sacrificed for 1000 pounds of paper! Now with around 10 onion peels, I can make 2 A4 size papers.. Just like every drop counts, every single bit of exo friendly products help to combat the global ecological crisis. The impact may not be huge in the start, but definitely it ignites for a sustainable future. A 1/2 kg of Peas husk can make 3 A4 size sheets! 2 -3 babycorn husk makes around 2 ( approximately)A4 size sheets ! "

These colorful vegetable papers are just like any other handmade paper. You can , write, draw, paint, fold and create art out of it.

︎These papers are 100% organic and natural.

︎They dont even have the stinch or bad odur!

︎100% natural in color and artistic

︎It can be used in art and craft , envelop, greeting card, to paint , to write..etc just like any paper or cardboard.

︎Zero chemicals used

︎ Easy to do at ones home

︎Zero costing start up

︎ Daily Kitchen waste is the raw material.

︎A green solution to waste management

︎ Reduces destruction of trees for making paper.

︎Once you are done with these papers, you can put them back to the soil as fertilizers. They easily decompose.

All it takes is the responsibility, time and patience. Most importantly the urge to do ones bit for the waste management.

As we all know, the world is battling a global crisis. The cutting down of trees, pollution, affluuents, have also increased the burden of the crisis. Today, with a vast development of science and technology, at times even the most primitive methods turn out to be an eyeopener! This is what the young Recycler found in her kitchen..

If you closely take a look into this project , its 0% investment. Instead you are creating WEALTH OUT OF WASTE !

The vegetable waste which was supposed to be dumped in the garbage yard is the raw material! Except for boiling and grinding , the usage of electricity is also less and negligible. With proper papermaking mesh frames , some water, here we come out the ECO FRIENDLY PAPERS ! Totally Home made! No stinch of the waste, yet colorful and attractive!

Manya very confidently says, "this can turn out to be a startup at ones home. Each individual can produce their own paper at home.Instead of chopping trees for paper, let's recycle the kitchen waste to ECOFRIENDLY VEGETABLE PAPER . Let's all together join hands to RESTORE OUR EARTH"

-Manya Harsha

Apart from this, at a very young age of 8, Manya took the lead in raising awareness for saving water through calling for a kids walkathon in the local community. Manya has volunteered many #planttree Campaign and recently called out for a virtual #EachOnePlantOne Campaign, through which she successful inspired 46 people to plant trees and be a part of the Campaign.

She distributed paper bags to local vendors, so as to reduce usage of plastic & raised awareness among the trading community regarding the ill effects of plastic to our planet.

Disturbed over the mess created by tourists visiting the Markonalli Dam water bed in yediyur, Manya along with her father embarked on a mission to clean the area. She has been urging people to use dustbins and not to throw garbage in the lake. On this World Water Day ,UN WATER has also lauded the young girl’s efforts on their official Facebook page.

She has been honored with the THE WATER HEROES award 2020 by the ministry of JAL Shakthi for her contribution to spread awareness to conserve water.

Manya is also the young author of Nature themed books, Nature our Future, The Water Heroes, Once Upon A Time in 2020 , being the latest . Being honored with title GRANDMASTER from Asia book of RECORDS, Manya has set the record as the YOUNGEST POET OF INDIA 2019 , in Vajra book of RECORDS, India book of Records, Golden book of Records, World book of RECORDS India, Exclusive world RECORDS, Karnataka ACHIEVERS book of RECORDS. Manya is the YOUNGEST KANNADA AUTHOR, with her books Neerina Putani Samrakshakaru and Ondanondu kaladalli 2020( lockdown nenapugalu) making a huge name among the readers. Manya is also honored with the title YOUNGEST ANIMATED SHORT STORY MAKER, from India Book of Records for making animated short stories to spread awareness amongst the masses. Manya is also the Founder and Editor of the Digital kids journal SUNSHINE FORTNIGHTLY.

At such a young age these are no ordinary achievements. She is a motivation, not just for other students but also for us, adults.

She is a young achiever in all aspects and is a role model for the society and hence deserves the award.She will be a great future citizen for this country and needs to be encouraged.


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