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GRANDMA'S GREEN WEAVE) A Saree to Sustain) project PHASE 1 , Jan 2024

Manya , through her "Grandma's Green Weave (Saree to Sustain)" project, has successfully distributed over 300 bags to local vendors and the public during the Pongal shopping spree. Utilizing approximately 25 + sarees, she and her team have crafted nearly 300 bags. Manya says , around 12-15 bags were  stiched out of a saree. Eager to broaden the project's impact, Manya aims to involve more like-minded individuals. She encourages support by accepting donations of sarees, bedspreads, and blouse pieces for this meaningful cause.

Manya ees this as just the initial phase of her vision. Her dream extends beyond to constructing a green world where sustainable bags replace plastic. Her campaign advocates for a ban on plastic bags, urging everyone to opt for reusable bags when shopping.


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