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I am thrilled to share that I recently made a heartfelt donation to @pfa.official @pfabangalore

I am thrilled to share that I recently made a heartfelt donation to

@pfa.official @pfabangalore

"People for Animals" using a portion of my award money from 2023 International Young Eco-Hero Award by @actionfornature This organization's unwavering dedication to animal welfare deeply resonates with me, and I wanted to contribute to their noble cause.

There happened to meet Mr. Nawaz ,the Manager of People For Animals , a Dedicated Conservationist who helped us with the guided tour of the Organisation and Rehab Centre.

What made my day more interesting was that , Mr.Nawaz impressed with my work towards Environmentalism gifted me the Volunteer TShirt of PFA . A momento ! And this gesture means a lot to a #YoungConservationist like me

My decision to donate stems from a profound belief in the importance of protecting and caring for animals. "People for Animals" has consistently demonstrated their commitment to rescuing and rehabilitating animals in distress, advocating for their rights, and promoting responsible pet ownership. This aligns perfectly with my values, and I felt compelled to support their efforts.

Knowing that my donation will directly contribute to providing medical care, shelter, and a better life for animals in need brings immense satisfaction. It's a reminder that even small gestures of kindness can make a significant impact on the lives of these voiceless creatures.

I hope that my contribution can inspire others to join this cause and make a positive difference in the world of animal welfare. Every dollar and act of kindness counts, and together, we can create a more compassionate and humane society for all living beings.


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