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Launch of Grandmas green weave ( A Saree to Sustain) project Nov 2023

In a heartwarming tribute to her late grandmother,  13-year-old Manya Harsha has launched "Project Grandma's Green Weave (Saree to Sustain)." Inspired by the nature stories shared by her beloved grandmother, Manya embarks on an innovative initiative to repurpose used and unused sarees into sustainable bags.

     This project was launched on the First Death anniversary of her beloved grandmother. 

Manya's connection with environmentalism blossomed at the tender age of four, as she began penning down stories and poems inspired by her grandmother's tales. After the recent loss of her guiding force, Manya decided to channel her grief into a meaningful project that not only pays homage to her grandmother but also promotes sustainabilityThe project aims to transform Grandma Rudramma's cherished sarees into eco-friendly bags, reflecting the values instilled in Manya by her grandmother. This endeavor becomes a testament to the enduring impact of a loved one's inspiration, driving the younger generation towards positive change.

With "Project Grandma's Green Weave," Manya not only celebrates her grandmother's legacy but also inspires a new wave of sustainability among the youth. Her innovative approach to repurposing traditional attire showcases the power of creativity and love in addressing environmental challenges.

Manya , through her "Grandma's Green Weave (Saree to Sustain)" project, has successfully distributed over 300 bags to local vendors and the public during the Pongal shopping spree. Utilizing approximately 25 + sarees, she and her team have crafted nearly 300 bags. Manya says , around 12-15 bags were  stiched out of a saree. Eager to broaden the project's impact, Manya aims to involve more like-minded individuals. She encourages support by accepting donations of sarees, bedspreads, and blouse pieces for this meaningful cause.


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