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My Republic Day Pledge

On this 74th Republic Day lets pledge to be a SUSTAINABLE TRAVELER!

With Republic Day round the corner , the long weekend of 2023 opens up vividly for the travel enthusiasts. From pickniking riverside to smashing off-road trails , flying to the mountains or crusing in the sea..

Be it across the North South East or west of India , every weekend ,on an average, there is 8% of India's population busy picnicking and another 10% flocking the mountains and beaches , for a relaxed weekend .

Do you know The boom in the travel industry carried by the excessive social media influence has its own repercussions on the Environment.

While tourism sector in India contributes around 5.8 percent to the total GDP of the country, this is expected to reach 9.9% GDP by 2028.The carbon footprint of the Indian tourism industry is estimated to be more than 250 million tonnes CO2 per year or about 10% of total emissions, and this is multiplying.

Global tourism accounts for around 1/12th of the world’s greenhouse gas emission.Transportation accounts for about 11% of India's carbon emissions.

With Aviation at 74.5% , railways to 12% and accommodation approximately to 21% of the greenhouse gas emission.

Are you aware of the fact that , India, highways constitute only 1.7% of the whole road network, but carry 40% of the total road traffic. Are you aware of how much of hazardous pollutants are you exposed to on your next road trip ? From multiplied fuel consumption to carbon emission, plastic pollution to excessive water use , Tourism puts enormous stress on local land use, and can lead to soil erosion, increased pollution, natural habitat loss, and more pressure on endangered species.

Littering in the land space degradation is another serious problem to be addressed as a result of excessive tourism ! Tonnes of waste is dumped and left unattended in most popular tourist destinations leading to serious environment problems like soil erosion and land degradation. Do you know? Cigarette buds take 12 years to decompose ! Plastic bottles 450 years ! Glass bottles thousands of years ! Cardboard two months ! Newspapers one month ! Juice cartons five years ! Cans 200-500 years ! and Polystyrene foam cups - never ! Yes never!

On this 74th Republic Day of India, let's act responsible citizens by taking a pledge of sustainable tourism.

*Let's pledge to carry an Eco friendly travel kit.

* Let's pledge to Encourage Local business.

*Let's pledge to Respect and to Adapt the culture and traditions of the place we visit.

*Let's pledge to opt for an Eco Friendly accommodation.

* Let's pledge to go Vocal with local and encourage local cuisine and local restaurants.

* Let's pledge to Reduce our carbon footprint.

*Let's pledge to choose Wildlife friendly travel.

*Let's pledge to use only Reusable items.

* Let's pledge to Be mindful in choosing Eco friendly mode of transport.

Let's pledge to be A Sustainable Traveler.


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