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THE SAFARI POO PAPER On my recent visit to Mara Safari World in Bali , I learnt that its not only a place for education and recreation, Bali Safari Park also focuses on conserving the endangered animals. It was here at Mara Safari Park that I learnt about the Elephant Poo paper. I have been recycling paper for almost Size years for now . While I started recycling used school note books to paper at age six, In 2020 during the lockdown my experiment with onion peels, garlic peels paved path to the DIY VEGETABLE PAPER, my green innovation. Later I tried making paper out of peas ,corn , coconut husk , cArrot peels... Well lemme get back to the story of Elephant poop to paper. I was overwhelmed to learn and see the process of poo paper making through my eyes . Did you know why elephant poos is chosen? Thats because it is very fibrous. It comprises 60% undigested food, which is a good material for a paper. As you know, elephants don’t chew their food out but swallow it straight away. This makes the elephant’s food not digested properly. In addition, elephants produce quite a lot of poos in a day. Elephant poos that is good for recycling paper is fresh elephant poos or the one that has just come out. Later, the results of this poo paper can be made into several crafts such as envelopes, books, notes and much more. #elephants #elephantpaper #recycledpaper #pooppaper #childrenforchange #recyclingideas #paper #elephantpoopaper


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