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World Water Day 2021 #water2me

Born to the parents smitten by travel bug, my exposure to Nature and the outer world is vast and vivid. As a Child, I have been growing up, listening to the tales of Nature ,where my granny always said, everything under the sky could be materialistic except for Nature! What shattered my belief, was a scenario of draught struck villages during my travel to , the land of Beaches ! I wondered when the state was known for its Ocean and Beaches, why was the surrounding area grief struck by draught! The dried up trees and grass, the dusty roads, once upon time ,a river bed, today lifeless and dead!

The Green and blue in Nature was totally gone , except for the dried brown grass and the filthy grey Ocean ! The people lined up in a big que waiting for their turn of just One pot of water! Now, Imagine! The Earth has 2/3 of water and hardly little left for drinking! The Scenario of the cow, bull, buffalo and sheep was no less to that of a living skeleton! Here in big cities , we are busy wasting water, be it a lavish pool Holi party, or washing our Costly cars, cleaning our floor, gallons of water flowing down the sewage lines of metropolitan cities, in the contrary, The countryside quad up for every single drop of water to drink, cook , and grow crops!

Times not far when the war between humans for assets,gold and property is replaced by War for food and water! I see mother Nature is terrifically thirsty,choked by the increased pollution, deforestation and global warming!

Instead of waiting for a superhero to lead the march , It's high time every individual on Earth turns out to be a, a saviour , A WATER HERO of his own kind!

Every individual has some super powers to do his bit for Nature.Considering myself A Water Hero, I have started my battle

Save Water.

I know a battle requires more warriors and I started with a WALKATHON On March 22 , 2018, with my fellow friends and neighbours , with a pledge to Conserve water on The World Water Conservation Day. We around 38 kids and 36 adults, walked through the streets of Jp Nagar Bangalore, from Doresani forest area to Puttenahalli lake, where we ended our Walkathon ,with a pledge to conserve water and also planted trees in the Puttenahalli lake park , with the help of the lake authorities and our parents.

Though my very first attempt was successful, I felt , I did nothing ,for everyone forgot about the Save Water concept in next few days! I wanted to reach out to more people, wanted to say it strongly .

This time , I choose Pen to strike against pollution! I felt Music and words are more powerul weapons in my battle to Save Water. I penned down my feelings into a Rap song in Kannada, composed my own tune and finally found a way to convey my message to the world!

Again, with increasing scarcity of water, a regional Rap was no longer effective, my goal was to reach out to millions of people to save million gallons of water running through the sewage.. I choose To Write ! This time , it was poetry which reflected my feelings, on my battle to Save Water , Save Earth and Nurture Nature for our Future. I penned down my thoughts in my first book #NatureOurFuture ,published on July 5th 2019 . Though my intention of writing the book was not commercial, The book did reach out to many people for it's right cause and message . Im happy that these simple poems with a strong message to Save Nature for our Future, has inspired many children of my age and below to fight for The cause .

We often say Nature is Our Future! Being a part of the most beautiful planet Earth, don't you think it's our responsibility to keep Our Future clean and Green? It's our responsibility to collectively gear up to create A Green Earth. A CLEAN GREEN EARTH WITH NO ECOLOGICAL CRISIS ,A GREEN EARTH WHERE OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS CAN LIVE WITHOUT MASK AND MEDICINE! I personally feel, spread of Awareness and Educating people what we have lost already, and what we will be loosing in mere future is the only solution to curb the massive destruction of Mankind by Man himself.

My second book THE WATER HEROES gives an insight into the current day scenario of the water crisis. Throwing light on the dimple solutions which we children can take up at home, my Campaign to Save Water Continues..

Friends, Initiative to paint the Earth green starts at one's self. I feel proud to be a part of the "GO GREEN,SAVE BLUE" Campaign.

Looking ahead, Twenty years from now,let's together paint our Earth green. Go Green is the only Vitamin to boost up the lost space.

Keeping up the spirit of my battle to Save Water , I strongly believe, Every individual is A Super WaterHero in his / her fight to Nurture Nature. Be the change you want to see, Stop preaching astart practicing Is the

right mantra to combat Ecological crisis.

Be the change you want to see

Manya Harsha


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