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We all love to Gulp mangoes. As the mango season comes to end. Hope you all have saved your mango kernels and germinated seeds ? Wait a minute? You look puzzled ! Let me explain. As we all enjoy the summer relishing on the king of fruits, we are left with heaps of mango kernels every season. A lot of them unfortunately end up in the garbage van ! Stop throwing your mango kernels into dustbin. Instead save them and sow them back to nature so that , our next generation can relish on these yummy fruits just like us. Remember the saying " You reap as you sow " ..

All u need to do is , save the kernel , wash , dry, cut open the seed , germinate and plant them.

Are you with me in this ?

We have all seen our grandparents, saving mango kernels and sowing them in empty space every summer. This is something we all need to learn from them and practice. So have I inherited #sustainability and #sustainableliving from my grandmother,who has been my source of strength throughout my eco journey.


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