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Manya Harsha, BENGALURU based girl , passionate nature lover and crusader who has been rallying since age 6, against the Environmental abuses , such as water wastage , littering on picnic spots, use of single-use plastic and deforestation has set an example to the children of her age.

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My Books

Nature our Future, The Water Heroes, Once Upon A Time in 2020 , are some of her work. Being honored with title GRANDMASTER from Asia book of RECORDS, Manya has set the record as the YOUNGEST POET OF INDIA 2019 , in Vajra book of RECORDS, India book of Records, Golden book of Records, World book of RECORDS India, Exclusive world RECORDS, Karnataka ACHIEVERS book of RECORDS. Manya is the YOUNGEST KANNADA AUTHOR, with her books  Neerina Putani Samrakshakaru and Ondanondu kaladalli  2020 ( lockdown nenapugalu) making a huge name among the readers. Manya is also honored with the title YOUNGEST ANIMATED SHORT STORY MAKER, from India Book of Records for making animated short stories to spread awareness amongst the masses.

News Articles


10-Yo Makes Eco-Friendly Paper From Peels of Onion, Garlic & Potatoes


Manya Harsha, A Sustainable Influencer, Conquering Waste Management Her Way


Eco Warrior From Bengaluru Comes Up With Handmade Paper From Vegetable Peels


‘Youngest author’ to write in Kannada
Neerina Putani Samrakshakaru


Makes paper out of kitchen waste and wants to stop deforestation


11 साल की मान्या हर्षा सब्जी के छिलकों से बना रही पेपर, पर्यावरण पर आधारित अब तक 5 किताबें लिख चुकी यह लड़की अपने परिवार को मानती है प्रेरणा


12 year old Manya Harsha is fighting to preserve the natural environment.


This 11-YO eco-warrior is turning vegetable waste into paper


Little Environmentalist Manya Harsha fights against climate change


Bengaluru Student Comes Up With Handmade Paper Made From Daily Vegetable Waste From Her Kitchen


11-year-old girl from Bengaluru makes paper out of kitchen waste


This 11-year-old Girl is Making Paper From Kitchen Waste


మాన్యా హర్ష ఎకో యాక్టివిస్ట్‌.  క్లైమేట్‌ అండ్‌ వాటర్‌ విభాగంలో పని చేస్తోంది. యాక్టివిస్ట్‌ అంటే సమస్య మీద గళం విప్పి ఊరుకోవడం కాదు... 


प्याज के छिलके से बना डाला कागज, मिलिए 12 साल की 'वॉटर हीरो' मान्या से जो बचा रहीं पर्यावरण

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