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WORLD WATER DAY 2024 #waterforpeace Campaign

WATER FOR PEACE Campaign was conducted by Bengaluru teen Manya Harsha, on the Eve of WORLD WATER DAY  to spread awareness amidst #BengaluruWaterCrisis to the students of Bengaluru. The campaign aims to educate the students on #ClimateEmergency & #ClimateActionNow , To build #ClimateCult & impart #ClimateLiteracy amongst the children. 

   Manya , the founder of Sunshine - Children for Change Campaign, through her environment magazine has been doing a remarkable work in terms of #waterconservation & #Savewater campaign amongst the youth. 

    During the Water For Peace campaign, children were narrated Water stories, educated with water conservation methods,  Water madala art was done and the students were encouraged to take a #WaterPledge during the session. 

    Manya , the young author of Water Heroes distributed her books & World water day Special SunshineEnvironment magazine to the students. The campaign was conducted at The Government school, Arekere, Bengaluru. 

Water for peace

Water can create peace or spark conflict. When water is scarce or polluted, or when people struggle for access, tensions can rise. By cooperating on water, we can balance everyone’s water needs and help stabilize the world.


"Together we can, Together we will bring the Change " says the #WaterWarrior Manya . 


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